Bitcoin/crypto casinos

The rapid pace of development of cryptocurrencies has led to the advent of bitcoin casinos online. These are standard platforms for slots and live dealer casino games that allow deposit via cryptocurrencies. They include traditional means of entertainment, guarantee correct and timely payment of earned profits, but provide a freer and non-committal method of payment. We've outlined some of the benefits of crypto casinos over regular entertainment sites, and here they are.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that provides an easy way to pay online. It is stored in bitcoin wallets, which have more stable protection than ordinary wallets. When paying in the web space, intermediaries such as eWallets, debit cards, banks and others are not included.

Reliability is based on cryptography, which does not require entering personal data of the owner of the bitcoin wallet. A public key to the wallet is generated, which must be provided to the respective crypto casino. It is used to make the transaction from the address and top up your account.

The Bitcoin wallet does not require identification and is not tied to personal information or data for a permanent address, which guarantees your anonymity and security in online payments.

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Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for payments?

The widespread use of bitcoin is making digital currency the main method of depositing in crypto casinos. For greater convenience, additional cryptocurrencies are included, such as:

  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Dash;
  • Zcash;
  • Bytecoin;
  • Monero;
  • Tether;
  • Ripple;

The deposit in the account can be done directly through a bitcoin address or by using a platform for buying / selling cryptocurrencies. In most places you will find plenty of digital currencies that have their advantages.


What are the advantages of crypto platforms?


In fact, bitcoin casinos and regular platforms are almost identical. The main difference is in the different payment methods. There are casinos that only work with cryptocurrencies, and no debit cards or other payment methods are accpeted. If you are not familiar with e-currencies, it is better to choose a combined platform through which you will be able to rotate the ways of depositing and withdrawing.

Experts consider anonymity as a significant advantage of crypto casinos. While the use of online wallets involves providing comprehensive information to the account holder, cryptocurrency sites only enter a bitcoin wallet address.

At certain betting sites, the amount transferred continues to be in cryptocurrency, while others convert it to fiat money. Due to the variation of the digital currency exchange rate, a period of 10-15 minutes is set, during which the funds are "refreshed".

We believe that crypto casinos will become increasingly popular among users due to fast transfers and the absence of tedious verification processes. Choose carefully and trust brands that are licensed and have been operating for a longer period of time on the market. Avoid unregulated and less familiar sites, as the use of cryptocurrencies is anonymous and possible fraud will be unprovable to the institutions.

Games in Bitcoin and Crypto casinos

The games are the same as in the normal online casinos. Some platforms require the conversion of cryptocurrencies to gain free access to them. The number and variety depends on the preferred crypto casino, but in general the set of games includes the following:

  • Slots - pyramids, fruit, futuristic, 40 lines;
  • Live - blackjack, baccarat, poker and roulette;
  • New games - deal or no deal, wheel of fortune, craps, monopoly;
  • Video poker and roulette;
  • Jackpot games;

Leading software providers are developing their own products, which increases the selection and makes it easy for the customers. In addition, bitcoin bookmakers, which provide attractive sports betting, are no exception. Even some of the biggest sites focus on crypto poker and bingo.


Why is it worth betting in crypto casinos?

We hope the information above has shown you the benefits of bitcoin and crypto casinos. If you are still hesitant, the following three features will be crucial for your future registration.

  • Very fast payments - the processing time of the requested amounts is minimal;
  • Low fees - no additional transaction charges or processing fees, compared to the fees withheld by the banks;
  • Fast and trouble-free management - creating a wallet is done in seconds, and its maintenance is free.

Be careful and register only in proven crypto casinos. Anonymity and deposit without the identification process are positive features, but also pose a danger.

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