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Other games

After looking at the possibilities for card games, live casino, jackpot games and bonuses, we will add more interesting offers that you can have fun with, as well as earn real money. Below we give a brief overview of the different types of games.

Yes, the world of casino games is really huge, so we certainly can't cover everything in one page and that's why we look at other options for legal gambling. They are not small at all, and we will describe them one by one so that you know where and what awaits you on the net.


Scratch Games

In all probability, you have seen the scratching coupons in shops and stores. They belong to the category of lottery tickets, which give you the opportunity to win if certain symbols match. Such coupons are also available on the Internet and you can find them on some of the casino betting sites that we have listed on our pages.

These scratch games can include various graphics, cartoon characters and much more. You place a bet and if certain signs match, you will win a cash prize. It depends on the odds that applies to the symbols. The latter can be found on betting sites, so see what's on offer and decide how much to bet.

Of course, you can find scratch games that do not require you to make a deposit. There are also demo versions of the titles to help you take a free test of your luck. If you decide that you are doing well, you can now move on to real betting.


Bingo and Keno

In both bingo and keno, you have to bet on numbers. For example, you can select ten digits from 2 to 80 and wait for the draw. For winning combinations of numbers, you will receive cash prizes. You will find out what the winnings are after you choose bingo or keno and play and enter the help menu, where the respective betting odds are also mentioned.

In some gambling websites you may find "Keno Universe", where if you catch all 10 numbers from the selected 80, you can win an impressive five-digit jackpot. The same goes for bingo, so just read the rules and see if you want to bet.



Lottery games of the "Happy 6" type can be found on the 1xbet website, but not only there. There are many operators that offer lotteries on their sites. Drawing of numbers at random for a prize also applies there, but there are other markets. For example, you can predict winning combinations of numbers, the sequence of numbers drawn, and so on.

In most cases, these are live lottery games, but you can also come across virtual ones. The best thing is that this type of lotto has regular draws, so you can participate whenever you want. In other words, you fight for big cash prizes all season long.


More options

In addition to the above mentioned, you have access to Wheel of Fortune, Brawl, War, Domino and all sorts of free or paid games. Take a look at what bookmakers provide and choose something you like. We hope you will reap success and we will keep our fingers crossed for you!

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