Highlights of the live casino

Rules and highlights of the live casino

In general, the live casino is optimized and it needs a fast internet connection. It is recommended, if your connection is interrupted to close other applications that use the Internet and reduce the picture quality from the window. Keep in mind that if you place a bet and then you are discarded, the bet is considered valid and will be played: for example, when playing blackjack, you are considered to be "stand" and the game will end.

Before sitting at the table, it is important to know the limits: what is the maximum and minimum bet. You can place bets until the dealer announces, "No more bets."

You have the opportunity to bet on the other players at the table thanks to the so-called "Back Bet". To make such a bet you must not be sitting at the table. You also do not have any options to notify the player that you have bet on him or to communicate in any way.

Important to know

The live casino is open for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It feels like playing in a real casino from the comfort of your home.

Depending on whether it is European or Asian, you have different games available.

Chat with pit bosses and croupiers

You have the opportunity to communicate with pit bosses and croupiers thanks to the chat function. They will be able to answer any questions you have, except those that relate to your account and the ability to withdraw profits. For such questions you should contact the Customer Service Department on the site itself.

Banking and transfers

In general, this depends on the site on which you will play, but in most cases the account from which you will be able to bet on the live casino is separated from your main account of the bookmaker. You will need to deposit and find where to transfer the money to the live croupier betting account once you have deposited. The same should apply to withdrawals.