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In the following article we will introduce you to the gambling section of 1xBet – 1xGames, which offers popular card games, dice games and other fun and interesting games. These are cash games, so you have to deposit into your account if you want to win. Let's see what are the offers on the Russian bookmaker.

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Where is the 1xGames section?

After logging to 1xBet via an alternative link or proxy and make your registration, you will be able to see a section called "1xGames", which is located on the main page of the site. А drop-down menu will appear listing the games. If you click on the category you get more detailed information.
The players of this bookmakers will see many gambling games, some of them played in their childhood. For example, you have the opportunity to bet on 21 online, higher or lower, dice, war and a whole bunch of other fun games. To choose a specific one, you must be 18 years old and have a registration in 1xBet. In the "1xGames" category itself, there is a suggestion menu located in the left corner of your screen. Below we will look at the subcategories to which you have direct access:

  • All Games - All games in the gambling section are displayed;
  • Popular - shows the most popular titles of all available in 1xGames;
  • Card games - only card games from the main category;
  • Games for Beginners – if you are looking for something to play without implementing a strategy, you will find it here;
  • New - all new games that are available on the site are released in this subsection;
  • Online games - the name of the section speaks eloquently about its content;
  • Difficult games - these are the more complex games, including Domino, Turkish remy, Bura etc.
  • Board - in the section there are table offers, such as Baccart, 1,000, etc.;
  • Slots - find a variety of online slots only in this category;
  • High odds - see 1xGames with the highest odds;
  • Survival - The section offers games in which you must survive;
  • Road to victory - classic games such as "In which hand", „MineSweepe“ and more;
  • Dice - Customers can bet on dice with big winnings;
  • Classic - you will find the classics only in this section;
  • Others – see also the Lotteries, Sports and Casino;

First of all, we must say that 1xBet is one of the sites with the largest variety of gambling games. There are literally hundreds of options, as you will see for yourself when you register on the Russian online platform. For each of them, help information has been added for you.

What Are Bonuses and How Do They Work?

After clicking on the "1xGames" section, which is located in the main navigation, a new window will open. The games are shown there, as well as the bonuses. For example, you can get 5% cashback for the game "Heads or Tails", as well as 3% cashback on many other games.
In some slots you can come across bonus rounds and free spins. Some slots offer a chance to double or even triple your winnings. Be sure to read the info for each of the slots.

If you are looking for especially for casino offers, then look at the right side of the screen after entering the category and you will see a small bar with different buttons. Click on the first one, which shows you the 1xGames bonuses. However, if you do not have a registration, you will not be able to see what the current offers for the games are up to date.
Full information reagrding the promotions and bonuses can be found in the "PROMO" section, which is located in the main menu on the home page. If there is any available offer you will find it there.

How to play?

Each game has its own rules, so you have to follow it. After selecting a specific game, you need to click on the "Play" button to start. At your disposal are displayed different buttons, as well as additional help. If you read the rules, you will see what you need to do to play online.

Some games may be familiar to you from casino halls or from your childhood. Such classics are Heads or Tails, 21, War and many more software products. Behind each of them is a popular provider.
The design and interface of the games are made so that you do not have any problems at all. Not to mention that there are specific tips, strategies and proven tactics on our website and on the Internet.

How to bet?

We have already written above that each of the gambling opportunities of 1xBet allows you to make a cash bet. In order to do this, you need to deposit funds in your account. Deposits are made in several different and convenient ways:

  • Credit/debit card;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • E-wallets;
  • Prepaid card;
  • Bank transfer;
  • … and more!

When registering you should select the currency that you want to use, deposit to your account and you are ready to place bets. This will not be difficult at all, as each of the above methods allows you to deposit in a very short time and with a low threshold. The ways to take the money earned from the various games on the website are similar.Как оценихме ние 1xGames?

We can summarize things in a few words: variety, big winnings and attractive offers. There is simply no way to underestimate this section, which is the result of the hard work of the Russian bookmaker. But in order not to be unfounded, it is better to see for yourself the opportunities for online entertainment that 1xBet provides especially for you.

Learn more: www.1xbet.com

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