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The legendary island of apple trees - Avalon, is part of the Celtic culture and their mythical traditions. Located somewhere in the west, in the British Isles, Avalon is mostly associated with King Arthur.

Influenced by Celtic legends and their mystique, Microgaming developed the Avalon II slot game. In fact, this is the second part, a sequel to the famous blockbuster Avalon, but with far better functionality and 3D graphics. The animated image, color combination and magical sound effects bring the game to life and take us beyond the standardized slots.

However, appearance is not the only means of attracting a more massive number of players. The main advantage of the slot is the depth of its functionality and built-in bonus games. Profits are not limited to a simple combination of paylines, but are extended. Additional symbols are included, which provide free spins, serve as substitutes or are applied when activating bonuses.

We had to mention fro mthe start that Avalon II has a standard structure 5x3 (5 reels with 3 rows), but unlike other slots, the winning paylines are 243. That's right, you have 243 active lines, which bring even greater chances of winning.

The Grail symbol is a scatter that carries free spins when it appears on three or more reels. If we have to be as objective as possible, a bonus game is unlocked, in which you have to find Grail and bring him back to Avalon. You have two tracks to choose from, each containing a different game. Eight turns are allowed during the hike.

The other great offer is the bonus game Merlin, randomly unlocked. With this feature you will get a higher payouts and winninga. You will find the information about the value of the winning combinations in a table by clicking on the "View Pays" button.

Avalon II is a casino "treasure", combining the most innovative technologies and the most fun games. Free spins will give you more chances to win, and wilds will successfully replace the rest of the screen. The return is 97%, which is above the average for casino games. Microgaming has developed a mobile version of the slot to make you feel comfortable playing from any device.

No tricks or different betting strategies are available for Avalon II. Be more careful when checking for tips and tricks on the Internet, as the slots have features that would prevent their implementation.

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