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“Hitman” is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, it is based the hit video game and film series - Hitman. This slot is machine is developed by Microgaming and is especially made for adrenaline seekers.

Hitman features a 5-reel, 15-payline, and 300 coin slot machine and the high quality graphics include all sorts of deadly weapons such as switch blades, hand pistols, sniper rifle, a vial of arsenic with a syringe, a blade. The game is with 96% RTP (Return to Player Percentage) and also can be played with min. bet amount.

Playing the slot game is quite simple and straightforward. Choose the number of paylines to play (1-15), select a bet for each of them and press the SPIN button. The winnings are paid out instantly to the user, regardless of the selected casino.

There are a lot of "symbols" in the game and they are very profitable, but this is not the main advantage. Hitman has wild symbols, scatters and two extremely interesting bonus games. The first of these is the Insignia bonus, triggered by three Insignia coins on the first, second and third reel. You choose one of the three symbols under which a multiplier will reveal. The value will be applied to the total bet that was staked.

The other offer is the “Contract” bonus game, which is activated when three “Bonus” laptops appear on the 3,4 and 5 reels of the slot. A mission will start in which players have to choose a single target from the game screen followed by choosing a weapon, with each selection revealing different values.

We should also add the presence of a standard game with Free Spins, which is triggered when three or more scattered "18" symbols. 18 free spins are awarded, during which the winnings are doubled. During the free spins, the bonus games Insignia and Contract remain available, but the winnings are not multiplied.

Two bonus levels, 18 Free Spins, the frequent appearance of the Wild element (Agent 47) and high RTP give players a higher chance of success. No special betting strategies have been developed for the Hitman slot, and we recommend that you be careful with the use of such. Slots that include bonus games are not suitable for testing systems and techniques due to the more unexpected development of the game.

We have explained in detail the above possibilities of the slot, but if you still experience hesitation and ambiguity, try the demo version offered in most casinos.

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