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Playboy Gold - a slot that will intrigue the male audience. Microgaming's erotic offer is inspired by the popular Playboy magazine. And here you can enjoy beautiful and half-naked girls appearing both on the cover of the game and next to the reels.

Graphics and side elements are not the only thing that impresses us after we have played the slot. You will notice that it has 6 reels and 10 rows, forming exactly 100 paylines. This is one of the rarest extraline slots, which is profitable, but also requires big bets. We will mention here that the slot machine is not recommended for beginners, as losing your account balance is the most likely outcome.

The Wild symbol is "Playboy Gold Bar", which replaces all other symbols on the screen (without Scatter). It falls relatively often and increases the chance of forming a winning payline.

The color logos of Playboy are highly profitable and therefore players hope to fall. There are four types (orange, red, purple and blue) with "bunnies" on the logo itself. They are loaded in the middle 4 reels, which will continue to spin with them. Forming a complete Jumbo Block brings bonus winnings such as Respins, a bet increase of up to 30 times and a multiplier of x5. Additional features with prizes are Wheel Bonus and Match Bonus, and Respins awards you with a bonus spin of 1 and 6 reels up to four times.

We recommend Playboy Gold for experienced casino players looking for a full experience. The slot emphasizes the variety of options, includes the maximum amount of bonus levels and features and has a high return. However, multiple lines are tricky, as a series of losing bets will lead to "Game Over". Adjust the number of lines and the value of credits according to the results of previous spins.

Playboy Gold has more symbols than a usual slot game, is heavier than regular games and consumes more internet data. However, you can play it on your mobile device, as Microgaming has developed a scale model of this slot. If you need to temporarily close the game, the next login you will start where you left off without losing money and free spins.

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