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One of the most popular casino games, in addition to its standard version, also offers the so-called "Live Blackjack", which represented a remote game in a real casino. There is a stream to a table and you can watch in real time how the cards are shuffled and dealt. You can communicate with the croupier by appointment and if necessary you can call the boss if you have additional questions or want something to be checked.

Apart from the fact that you can immerse yourself in an authentic casino atmosphere, you can be sure that the cards are shuffled and dealt in front of you. There are very likely other players on the table, which means that more cards will "come out" in a game.
One of the disadvantages of live blackjack is that unlike standard online games, you have a time limit  to decide. For example, you usually have about 10 seconds to decide if you want to "hit" or "stand". You can't delay the table and other participants - so you have to concentrate and play seriously.
Another disadvantage is the higher betting limits. Blackjack tables usually start at 5 euro, and in many casinos it starts at 10 euro or even 20 euro.
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