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1bet Rules

1Bet is an entertaining TV game, resembling the lotto games of the Bulgarian sports tote. It features simple rules and numerous betting options, covering what happens in the respective draw.

If we need to classify 1Bet among casino offers, we will include it in real time games. The draws are held under the watchful eye of a professional croupier, who announces the winning numbers. Users watch what is happening in the live studio. On the screen are additional materials, such as a second hand counting down the remaining time until the next draw, the results of the last few rounds, as well as information about the two jackpots accumulating for certain TV games.

We mentioned the simplified functionality of the game due to the fact that 37 numbers are involved, from which only one is chosen. This makes 1Bet betting easy to understand and recommended for beginner casino players. The sphere shuffles the balls numbered from 0 to 36, and the winning one is drawn by an air stream. The dealer announces it to the audience, and the automated software pays the winnings to the participants who predicted correctly  the outcome of the draw.

Betting options are not limited to a specific prediction of a number, but this is the most common option with highest odds. If you pick a number and the prediction is correct the ratio is 35:1. Markets in intervals of 3 or 6 numbers, receiving ratio of 11 and 5.86, respectively. Players have options to predict the color of the drawn ball (black / red), whether it will be even or odd, as well as an option to guess its value by above / below.

Draws take place within a minute, taking 45 seconds to accept and process customer bets and 15 seconds to announce the winning number. After the round is over, the options for the next draw are located in the center of the screen. Bettors have options to bet on the next 10 rounds.

To participate in the game, you will need to select a market. Similar to sports bets, you must enter a bet amount or promo code and to choose a number. The procedure is similar in most online casinos offering the 1Bet TV game. Who are they, see the list below.

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