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1xDice Rules

In this article you will learn all about 1xDice game. It is played with dice and has extremely simple rules. You can play it on the website of the Russian bookmaker 1xBet. There is a 1xGames section, and and you can find it there.

When you register or log in, you will see four dice - two white and two red. 1xDice involves two players - you (playing with white dice) and your opponent (playing with red dice). You will find a field in which you must place the amount you want to bet, and you should know that there is a minimum (0.20 EUR) and maximum (411.50 EUR) bet.

What is the game about? Don't worry, there's nothing complicated. Just a competition between two participants, the winner is the one whose dice get a higher sum than the sum of the other player. Let's clarify. After rolling the dice, it is calculated how much they are - if, for example, one shows 6 and the other - 3, then it is 9. Then compare the sums of your dice and those of your opponent. The one who has more points wins. Example - You have 6 and your opponent - 4, then you win. In case of a draw, the bet will be canceled. When this happens, the money you bet on this roll will be returned to your account.

After writing the amount you have decided to bet, press the green button labeled "Play" and the game begins. Now it all depends on your luck.

Summary: The 1xDice game is played by you and your opponent, it consist of rolling the dice and the numbers that will fall, with the winner being the one whose dice have formed a higher total.

There is nothing complicated, right ?! This is one of those games that does not require strategies and learning rules, so you will not need anything more than luck. Enjoy the game!

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