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The poker game with three cards and two types of bets, which are not related to each other: Ante and Play - this is a bet that the player's hand will win the against the croupier’s hand and Pair Plus® which is a bet that the player will have a minimum pair. As in the case of a player's victory, in addition to the main bet, the additional bonus is paid, which depends on the strength of the hand and starts with a minimum flush.
The strength of the hands in three-card poker is as follows: top card, pair, flush, straight, three of a kind and straight flush. Some casinos also have a royal kenta - A K Q of one color.
The player places one or two bets (Pair Plus® is optional). Then three cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. After seeing his hand, the player has the right to give up (fold) and lose the bet (or bet) or double (play) his main bet. If this happens, the options are as follows:
# If the dealer has a hand with a value less than the highest card queen (Q) in it - then the game is considered invalid and the bet by the player is refunded.
# If the dealer has a hand with a queen and it is better than the player's, then the player loses the bet.

If the dealer has a hand with a queen and it is equal in strength to that of a player, then the player will get his money back.  
# If the dealer has a hand with a queen and it is weaker than the player's, then the player receives his main bet (Ante and Play) doubled, and if the player's hand is at least a pair and he has a bet on Pair Plus® then this bet is paid according to the strength of the hand. It varies in different casinos, but the most common ratio is that a pair paid is paid 1:1, flush 4:1, straight 6:1, three of a kind 25:1, straight flush 35:1 and a royal flush 50:1. In addition, if you have at least a centa - then your main bet gets an additional bonus: straight 1:1, three of a kind 2:1 and with a straight flush 3:1.

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