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777 Rules

Slots - who doesn't know and love them? As well as being a fun way to spend time, they are also an easy way to make money. And, like all other gambling (and regular) games, they have their online variety. On the 1xBet you will find an interesting slot game called 777.

In it you spin the slots and your profit is calculated according to the numbers shown. Here's how the winnings are paid out:

If you have 777, the payout ratio is 100:1. At 999, the ratio is 50:1. If you hit 555, the ratio is 30:1. AtIf you see those numbers on the screen 111, you will win your bet multiplied by 20. If the slot stops at 000, your bet is multiplied by 10. In case the numbers are 123, the odds are 5:1. If you have 77 * or * 77, the ratio is 5:1. At 7 * 7, you get your bet multiplied by 4. In case you get 7 **, * 7 * or ** 7, then the payout ratio is 2:1. At * 00 and 00 *, the ratio is 3:1. And if you have 0 **, then your bet is multiplied by 1.5. In all other cases you do not win.

Slots have long been a favorite online casino game of millions of people around the world. And, while before it was necessary to walk to the casinos, today it is possible to indulge in your favorite game from the comfort of your home without getting up from your seat in front of the computer. Make money in your free time while relaxing and having fun. This is easy and interesting. It's all a matter of luck. Different strategies do not apply here, as in other games of chance (for example, in poker), but only if you are lucky. Where will the slot stop and how much money will you earn? Check now without delay. Start playing 777 and see if you're lucky!


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