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Bet on baccarat

Bet on baccarat

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Bet on baccarat Rules

One of the live games offered in online casinos is Baccarat. It takes place in real time and involves two parties - a Banker and a Player. Two cards are dealt to each of the parties in each hand, with the cards face up. The first one is for the Player, as the cards are dealt one by one. A third card may need to be dealt.

The purpose of the game is to collect a number of points that is equal to or as close as possible to nine (9). After that, no other cards can be dealt. If both sides have the same result, then there is a tie.

The cards have a point value: from two (2) to nine (9) are worth face value in points regardless of the suit. 10, J, Q and K have no point value. Ace equals 1 point. The points of the cards dealt are summed, and this is how the value of the hand is formed. If their sum is a two-digit number, then the second digit of the number is taken, while the first being ignored.

Bets are placed on the first round. After the first card is dealt to the Player, the odds are updated - second round of betting. After the first card is given to the Banker - third round of betting. Then the remaining cards are dealt and the results of the deal become clear. If the game ends in a draw, then those who bet on a tie receive their winnings, while Banker or Player bets are returned to the players.

Six decks are used, which are standard and have 52 cards each. Each card is equipped with a unique barcode. It is scanned during the deal and the scanner is built into the table. When changing the decks or the dealer is displayed live. The game is held 24/7, with interruptions made only when technical support is required.

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