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Bet on dice duel

Bet on dice duel

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Bet on dice duel Rules

"Dice Duel", also called "Dice Pair" can be played live and has many options available for betting. The game draw is held every five minutes, 24 hours, every day of the week. Interruptions can only take place if there is a need for maintenance.

It uses two dice. One is blue and the other is red. Both have six sides with numbers from one to six. The dice are placed in a dice box by the dealer. Shuffle and throw them on the game table. A single roll is allowed, except in special cases where it can be repeated.

If the dice clearly form a combination and lie on only one of their sides, then the roll is considered valid. The result of the game is the combination of the points of the two dice.

There is only one betting round, and it is possible to bet on each available result. This round lasts three minutes and consists of two separate draws. There are 32 possible combinations.

A draw can be canceled in case there is a technical malfunction or the dealer has made a mistake. A draw is canceled if one or both dice fall off the table. When the draw is repeated, it may be canceled if the dice do not stand completely on one side, stand on their edge or a combination cannot be determined. The roll will be repeated if one or both dice cover (partially or completely) the line of the area marked for a lucky combination. In case the host of the game does not correctly announce the winning combination or there is a problem with the sound, then the video broadcast will determine the correct results.

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