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Bet on poker

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Bet on poker Rules

Bet on poker offers live poker betting. Its goal is to form the best possible five-card hand using position cards along with board cards.

There are six positions that receive 2 cards face up. The deal must be made clockwise. Board cards are called the 5 community cards - they are dealt after the position cards and are also face up.

The players may bet on the winning position before the first card is dealt. The second round is bet after the position cards are dealt. Once the first three community cards have been dealt (flop), a third round of betting is held. Then a fourth card (turn) is dealt, after which you can bet again. The end of the deal is after the fifth (river) card is dealt, and then the results are calculated.

Draws can be cancelled if the scanner does not scan the card correctly, if the cards are shuffled or there are problems with the internet connection. In the event of technical faults, as well as if the dealer makes a mistake, the draw is also cancelled.

To bet, you must select the desired category and result, and then enter the amount. Then it's time to click on the "Place a bet" button and you will see "Successful bet". In order to calculate the profit, the bet is multiplied by the odds. Previous draws can be seen on the Results page.

Possible Bet on poker hands are "High Card", "Pair", "Two Pairs", "Three of a kind", "Straight", "Flush", "Full House", "Four of a kind", "Straight flush". and "Royal flush", here they are ranked from lowest to highest.

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