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Bet on wheel Rules

Bet on wheel game is, in essence, a game of chance. Its options are very clear and the game itself is simple and easy.

First, the "Wheel of Fortune" is presented by the delaer. Then it rotates - this should be done counterclockwise, and then clockwise. Only one rotation is made. The towing is considered valid for a full three turns clockwise. These rotations are counted by a special counter. When they are completed, a green light will illuminate. A turn is considered to have started when the wheel starts to turn clockwise. Also, the arrow must come out of the sector in which it was. The result is the symbol or number of the sector on which the arrow stops when the rotation is completed.

There is only one betting round on the Wheel of Fortune, and you can bet on any available result. This round is performed for about four minutes between every two draws. Withdrawal is done every day, every 5 minutes, with breaks only if technical support is required.

To place a bet you need to select the result and the category you want to bet on. Then enter the amount, click "Place a bet" and the message "Successful bet" should appear. The bet is multiplied by the odds to calculate the profit. Previous rounds may be seen on the Results page.

There are 19 sectors of the wheel. 18 of them are numbered - from 1 to 18, and the last sector has the symbol cup with a star. The arrow is located in the upper middle of the wheel and the winning sector is determined according to it.

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