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Bully 4 U Rules Online game

Bully 4 U is an interesting and fun gambling video game developed by Realistic Games LTD, which can be played in many popular online casinos. The game is made very colorful, and the rules are more than simple. The interesting thing about it is that the developer has tried to make a good mix between a classic three-character slot game and virtual scratch cards.

If you still don't know what Bully 4 U is, it's a video game with three hidden symbols in four lines. The idea is to reveal each of the lines and find a winning combination. It is accompanied with pleasant music, colorful graphics and the background of the target with arrows.

The game itself offers players a payout according to the bet they make and the combinations afterwards. In reality, six different symbols take part in the game - sevens, bells, bar symbol, grapes, watermelon and plum. There is also a seventh symbol that players may come across - this is the so-called wild symbol, which is depicted as a target with an arrow in the center.

The player's goal is to find at least one winning combination (and sometimes more) with the corresponding three identical symbols or two identical and one wild when opening each of the four rows with three symbols.

Depending on the exact combination of symbols, the player wins his bet multiplied by the given multiplier. In a combination of three sevens - the player wins his bet a hundred times, while the lowest combination is of three plums - then only the bet is returned.

The game Bully 4 U is very interesting and can help everyone to have fun and at the same time try their luck and eventually win some money. Fans of non-committal gambling video games can't help but like it.

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