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Darts is an interesting game. Two or more players throw short sharp-pointed arrows from a certain distance at a round target or also called dartboard. In the past, various targets, arrows and rules were used for darts, but now the game is usually standardized and the rules are clear.

The origin of the game dates back several centuries to Britain. Accordingly, to this day darts is a traditional game that is played in British pubs. The game is very popular and famous all over the world, and professional tournaments and competitions with large prize funds are often held.

There is a believe that the game is invented by soldiers who threw short arrows at barrels and tree trunks. After the wood dried, cracks formed, which made separate sections. Thus, the soldiers themselves figured out that different section can give you different amount of points, according to the difficulty of being hit with the arrow.

With the spread of the fun game, more and more carpenters began to make various darts targets, and accordingly, owners of pubs, clubs and restaurants began to hang these targets so that customers could have fun.

It is believed that the standard numbering of the darts target was created in 1896 by the British carpenter Brian Gamlin, although it has not been proven. However, other different targets have been used for darts over the years in various parts of the world. Gamlin's target is designed to punish inaccuracies. Although this is true for most of the target, its left side is preferred by new players because it has a concentration of high numbers. Many other targets can punish inaccurate players more severely, but the target used to this day is considered the best balanced.

With the same target, people all over the world have fun with their favorite game. Some prefer to play it at home, others in bars or for a token bet with a friend or random person. Others are so good at it that they take part in world tournaments with prize pools of hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions.

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