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Heads or tails Rules

Heads or Tails is a fast-paced action game influenced by a toss of a coin. The one who guesses which side will falls is winner.  In the web space there are developments of several providers, the most popular is developed by Playtech.

The game is widespread in the world. Most sporting events begin with a coin toss. It helps to decide what side of the field each team heads down. In fact, there is nothing complicated or specific - you predict whether the "heads" or "tails" side of the coin will fall, and if your prediction is correct, you multiply the bet by a predetermined odds.

To avoid using Martingale, the developers have reduced the odds to 1.9. Thus, even if you double your bet with each failure, the long-term gain will be negligible. There are other betting strategies and techniques, but the most important factors in Heads or Tails are instinct and luck.

Betting in the game is simple, and the first and most important process is choosing a bet. Highlight an amount in the specified range (from $ 0.10 to $ 100) and then press the "Flip" button. The coin turns in the air, and after its fall, it becomes clear what the end result is. Winnings are paid out instantly in the customer balance, and you can either stop playing or continue the race.

Playtech made it even more interesting as they have added two more options that guarantee higher odds. You can flip the coin up to three consecutive times Може да завъртите монетата до три поредни пъти, as the goal is to guess correctly in each of them.









Heads or Tails has become a favorite arcade game that is used in more and more online casinos. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices. In case it is necessary to close the game, the next login you will continue from the place of completion.

A brief overview of the advantages of Heads or Tails:

  • High return (over 97.5%);
  • Possibilities to apply different casino strategies;
  • Mobile version;
  • Simplified functionality;
  • Bets can vary depending on your preferences.

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