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JokerBet Rules

TV games have conquered the gambling industry thanks to the rapid denouement and conceptual proposals. Among them we distinguish JokerBet - a relatively new game with simple rules. You will see for yourself how simple it is to participate in it, but also how diverse the betting options are.

One of the few live casino games with no competition between the dealer and the player. The croupier's task is to draw the cards sequentially from the deck, which is shuffled by another authorized company representative. JokerBet run around the clock, and the brands offering the product rely on a high-tech livestream without interruption.

In fact, one stage of the game is divided into fragmentary draws. The reason for this is rooted in the way the cards are announced. They are pulled one by one until the last is reached. This is the end of the game and a new croupier starts with the next round. The interval between the appearance of each individual card is 10 seconds, during which bettors have the opportunity to make Live bets.

The JokerBet TV game uses 54 cards (standard deck + 2 jokers in black and red). The participant aims to predict the next drawn card, and this can be done by directly predicting its value or to rely on easier approaches:

  • Color (black/red);
  • Suit (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades);
  • Number or not;

The odds for each draw depend on the other cards in the deck. A large dashboard in the center of the screen gives you information about all the cards drawn and illustrates the rest from which the participant must choose. Betting continues until the penultimate card is revealed.

JokerBet betting techniques and strategies have not been developed, but we recommend that you stick to statistical bets. This means following what is happening in the history of the game, where information is available about the last five drawn cards. If you notice a series of a color or suit, it is better to focus your efforts on one of the opposite types. Also, do not bet from the beginning, but wait a while until most of the deck of cards is revealed.

You can have fun with JokerBet at any time of the day, and the lightweight mobile version allows you to bet comfortably via tablet or smartphone.

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