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In Mazzetti, the deck of cards is divided into two or more piles. The croupier holds one pile and the player holds the rest. The player bets that when all piles are face up, the value of the cards in his pile will be equal to or higher than the cards in the dealer's pile. If the player guesses correctly about one or more piles - he wins.

The player can usually choose the design of the deck and whether he wants the dealer’s cards or his to be revealed first. The player can choose with how many piles of cards to play - from one to six. By default, there are three piles. If a player decides to change the number of piles during a game, this can be done very quickly at the touch of a button.

The next step is to place your bet. It’s value is low by default, but can be changed by the player. The chips are placed on the respective piles.You can place different amounts of money on every pile. Finally, all piles are revealed and the player can see where and what he wins, if of course the value of the cards in the pile is equal to or higher than that of the dealer's pile.

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