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Money Wheel first appeared at Jackpot Casino in Red Deer, Alberta. This happened in 2011, June. The sectors of the wheel are not 54, as in the ordinary Big Six, but 56, and in some of them the amount is multiplied.

You may be wondering what is so interesting about this game. So how come it's so easy to make money without having to follow a strategy, wondering if it will be profitable. There is no need to worry if you understand the rules of the game well enough or if the other players are better that you are, as it is with the most gambling games. First, because this is not a card game, but a wheel game. Second, because it all depends not on your strategy, but on your own luck.

Your goal will be to win as much as possible, depending on the odds, which are located in the sectors (each sector has a different one), so players try to turn the wheel so that it stops at sector with the highest possible odds, which would bring them the highest possible profit.

That's right - with this game you will eliminate the need to learn rules, as well as strategies, careful and focused monitoring of other players, assessing the situation, the likelihood of losing because someone else is luckier than you. Here the only strategy would be to keep your fingers crossed and it all depends on your luck.

So, apart from stocking up on a number of four-leaf clover, rabbit legs, horseshoes and various other materials that portend good luck, you have no choice. Turn the wheel and enjoy quick and easy winnings. One of the most beloved gambling games, which is not complicated at all, but at the same time it is interesting and fascinating and promises to bring you money. What more could you want?

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