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Basic Rules

In Pai gow, the croupier (called a "banker" in this game) uses a deck of 53 cards. The deck consists of the standard 52 cards and one joker.

The joker acts as a wild card and can help make straight, flush, straight flush or be used as an ace.

Note that the joker can't be use as a wild card in other cases - only in the above.

The game starts after each player places his bet. When it comes to a standalone online game - this refers to placing your bet.

After placing a bet, the player is dealt seven cards.

The goal is to split them into a big five-card hand and a small two-card hand, with each hand having to beat the banker's.

The player's big hand must have a higher poker value than the small one.

If not - it's a mistake. When you play in a real casino in this case you will certainly lose your bet. And that's a pretty stupid way to lose.

But when you play online, the platform is usually good enough to warn you if you're about to make such a move.

Five aces is the highest hand (thanks to the joker), then a royal flush, straight flush (the highest one is ace-two-three-four-five), four of a kind, flush, straight (ace-two- three-four-five is the second highest) and then are the hands of classic poker.

The banker arranges his hands according to predetermined rules.

After comparing the hands, the bigger hand wins.

If your high and low hand are better than those of a banker - you win your one-on-one bet (minus the commission rate, if any).

If only your high hand is better than the banker (or vice versa) - this is a draw.

If both hands are equal to those of a banker - then he wins.

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