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Poker Light Rules

For all of you who love card games and poker in particular, we have an amazing offer - the game Poker Light on the 1xBet. You can play it from anywhere, no matter the time. It consists of collecting cards until all the winning combinations are sorted out.

Each winning hand brings you a profit, according to the odds. If you collect a pair, you will win a profit that is calculated at a ratio of 1,3:1. The odds for two pairs are 2,5:1, three of a kind is 4:1. For straight the payout ratio is 15:1, flush - 25:1, full house - 40:1. The winnings are even bigger if you have four of a kind or straight flush - respectively: 200:1 and 500:1. The highest possible hand is the royal flush - the payout ratio is 1000:1.

Once you receive two cards, three are placed on the table and your hand is determined from these five cards, if you have a winning combination, you can either withdraw your winnings or continue playing, with additional cards being purchased and their value is different in the individual draws.

Are you a fan of games of chance? And those with cards? You say you love poker? Then this game is perfect for you. Indulge in it and have fun while making money. All you need is to be lucky enough to be able to put together a hand that matches any of the winning combinations. You have the great opportunity to win big winnings - from a 2,5:1 payout ratio in two pairs to an incredible 1000:1 ratio in a royal flush. Sit comfortably, squeeze your thumbs and earn while at home, in front of the computer. Without complicated strategies, difficult to understand rules and read long manuals. Poker Light is a game for the lucky ones that is easy and offers great winnings.

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