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Red Dog progressive

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In the old days in the West they played the game Red Dog. It can't be qualified as some kind of a poker game. It consists of one deal, in which two cards are dealt face up and one is dealt face down. The goal of the players is to guess if the face-down card is, in value, in the range between the other two cards. So, Red Dog Progressive is another version of the regular Red Dog.

In this game you have the opportunity to collect your winnings either after each round, or to keep them on the table and use them in the next round. You have the option to turn progressive betting on or off. In case you choose to deal at the end of the round, the chips you win, the initial bet remain on the table, and a new hand is dealt.

Red Dog Progressive is an extremely easy game. With it you have the opportunity to win big profits. You can get the most money if all three cards have the same value - then you will be paid your bet in a ratio of 11:1. The odds are not worse if the range between the cards is 1, 2 or 3. In those cases, you win, respectively, 5:1, 4:1 and 2:1. This game does not require particularly complex strategies and in general depends more on your luck and your willingness to rely on it and take risks.

The bet is placed in the "Bet" field. In order to bet more, you need to put chips in the "Raise" field. "Deal" - this button becomes active after you place a bet - is used to deal you cards. "Spread" - this is the range, that is, the number of values between the cards. For example, if the cards face up are 4 and 6, then there is only one value between them - 5. The range is one.


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