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Russian roulette

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Russian roulette Rules

Everyone knows what Russian roulette is. A revolver is loaded with at least one bullet, the cylinder rotates, and the man rests the muzzle against their head, pulling the trigger, hoping the cylinder will stop at an empty socket. Extremely dangerous game, which, however, has its own completely safe online version, which (besides fun) can also offer you great rewards.

Online Russian roulette is also played with revolvers. You and your opponent have one. In this case, however, of course, will not play with real cartridges and this is why the online variation is safer than the real thing. The virtual cartridges are distributed in the at random, and their place do not change during the round. It is played, again, until the revolver of one of the players fires. If luck is on your side, it will not be yours.

It is an interesting fact that due to the nature of the game itself, today the phrase "Russian roulette" is used as a synonym for unjustified risk or the risk of life and death. "Playing Russian roulette" can mean not only the literal game, but also that you are playing with fate, challenging it to play with you.

In real life, the game has another, relatively safe, option, which is played not with a revolver and bullets, but with glasses and vodka. Six glasses are placed in front of the player, five of which are filled with water, and in the sixth there is vodka. They line up in a circle, with players taking turns drinking from a glass of their choice until they reach the one with the alcohol.

The game Russian Roulette finds its place in many movies, as well as in various books. In reality, there have been a number of incidents involving it, so don't play it unless it's online, where you can have fun and make money without exposing yourself to danger.

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