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War of Elements

War of Elements

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War of Elements Rules

Diversity is a major factor in attracting an audience to online casinos. The more abundant the number of games, the more gamblers find a suitable game in the specific platform. With the evolution of online betting and the improvement of the halls, appetizing casino games appeared, different from our familiar baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

In this article, we will look at a product called "War of the Elements", which is gaining popularity among fans of exciting TV games. To the great disappointment of thrill seekers, we will inform you that the Live game is available in a limited number of casinos.

What is War of Elements? If we have to compare the game with a famous product, it will be blackjack. In fact, War of the Elements relies on similar rules, but the player and the dealer receive a single card, which makes the rules easier. The goal here is your card to outperform the the croupier's card. The traditional method for estimating the strength of the cards is applied, with the lowest being the 2 and the highest being the Ace.

While other real time games provide you with a small amount of betting options, here you many during the draw. In addition, you are not tied to your card, as you can bet on the final outcome, i.e. winning side - Player, Dealer or Tie. The odds for the dealer or the croupier vary around 2.00, and the probability of reaching the most interesting phase - war, is estimated at a rate of 15.00. This happens rarely, but it is not excluded from the possible outcome. In case of a tie, there is no winner.

Alternative options for predicting the upcoming draw are the following markets: suit of either side, color of either side, over;equal;under on any rank of either side. You will find information about the odds in all markets in the included information table.

New players will have to adapt to the situation and improve their quick decision-making. The rounds take place in an interval of 60 seconds, leaving a minimum time between draws.

"War of the Elements" is a recommended casino game for beginners in online betting. The simplified rules, the speed and the dealer's instructions help to understand its essence faster. The game is available through a desktop version and a mobile application and you will find it in the gambling websites listed below.

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