Types of slot games – what and how to play

Types of slot games – what and how to play
Miroslav Trifonov

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Slot games, also known as slots, are among the most popular by casino fans. It is said that slot lovers are almost always at a loss, but this is far from true. Keep in mind that with perseverance and good knowledge of different slots you will be able to accumulate big winnings, as long as you do not lose courage and set realistic goals.

First of all, we need to look at what types of casino games are available online and where you can play. Most often we are talking about two main types - standalone vs server based. Below we will look at both options to get more information about existing slots. Do not rush with your choice, but explore the possibilities and only then proceed to betting.

Standalone Slots

The stand-alone slots are designed for one person who can use the slot machines in land-based casinos or play online on the Internet. At first, it is good to look for free games on the Internet, to play virtual money and you do not lose anything. In this way you will assess whether this is your type of fun and whether you have any chances. The slot games themselves can be classic, fruity slots, multi-line or extra-line slots.

Slot machine terminology refers to hot and cold slot games. Hot games are paying higher than RTP shown in game rules, while cold games current RTP is lower than the one in the game rules. You can search for information on whether a machine is "hot" or "cold" on the Internet, as well as read more here at globet.casino. It is more important for players to strive and maintain a positive balance while playing the slot.

Server Based

Nowadays you have the opportunity to play the so-called server based (multiplayer slots) on the internet. A virtual casino hall is created, which allows you to invite people from different parts of the country and the World to play along in the same slot game to conquer the progressive jackpots. The interesting thing in this case is that players can talk to each other via chat.

If one of the players in the multiplayer games unlocks a bonus, it will be unlocked for everyone else in the online casino hall. This way, big profits are achieved, and the emotion of the players connected in a network is incomparable. Communication between players and collaboration are a social element that makes this type of gambling so interesting.

What is a progressive jackpot?

The progressive jackpot is available only for standalone slots, and it progresses with every bet made on this particular slot machine, until someone wins it. This jackpot accumulates constantly and can be won when you have a certain winning combination of symbols. This, of course, is the dream of every slot machine fan.
As for the jackpots in the server based sessions, they are also available. Yes, it's a lot harder for the players to win the big amount here, because the competition is really big. However, if successful, winners will grab a really impressive cash prize.

Different types of bonuses

We will introduce you to the most common bonuses in slots, with the help of which you can double your winnings or win free spins without investing a dime into the slot machine. These offers are very interesting, as you will see for yourself after reading the following lines.

  • Free Spins - offered by many land-based and online casinos. The player does not bet with his money, and at the same time takes advantage of the offer. In most cases, when you win with the "free spin" option, the money can be withdrawn immediately. However, there are some platforms that require you to wager the winning a couple of times and play the money earned from free spins;
  • The wild symbol has the facility to substitute for all other symbols on the reels and in doing so, complete winning paylines that otherwise wouldn't end in a win. Usually, the sole exception to the present rule is that the wild can't replace scatter symbols, free spin or other bonus symbols. Another symbol is the so-called Scatter, as it has to appear at least 3 times on the screen to open a bonus round, trigger free spins or unlick other features. In some cases, the scatter may automatically give you cash prizes after it appears among the other symbols;
  • Level bonuses - these bonuses are separate from your main game. Placing side bets and the option to add funds to your balance are common in newer slots and are of great interest to users.

How to choose a slot machine?

First, take a look at the offers for online slots at globet.casino, where we have offered some of the best options available. Depending on your personal preferences, you can play a fruit slot, comic book characters, movie actors and many more. Of course, we shouldn't miss the "hot" and "cold" machines we mentioned above. It is more important to enjoy and be satisfied with the promotions, bonuses, jackpots and different slot options.

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