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One of the most common and liked casino card games is 21, also called Blackjack. In it, the hand of one player is compared to that of the dealer, the higher hand is the winning one, as long as it is not higher than 21. It is played with 52 cards or several decks of 52 cards, the goal is to have 21 points from the first two cards, without the dealer having the same amount. If the sum is 21 points, it is called blackjack. It is also possible to win by reaching less than these points, but still higher than the hand of the delaer. Another option is for the dealer's hand to draw more cards and possibly get more than 21 points, in which case he loses.

It is usually played with 2 to 6 players. The number of cards, in general, varies between 52 and 416.

Initially, two cards are dealt, adding up their values. The ace can be counted for 1 or 11. Once the original cards have been received, the player can choose to draw another one. Wins the hand whose total is exactly 21 or the one that is closest, but less than 21. Any result that is higher than this number of points leads to a loss. The dealer draws an additional card if his hand is less than 17.

One interesting fact about Game 21 is that it was first mentioned in writing in Miguel de Cervantes' book Don Quixote. Cervantes himself was a gambler. And, once the game enters the United States, many casinos offer bonus winnings so they can attract players. In September 1956, the first scientific method for blackjack strategy was developed, from which all subsequent strategies for the greatest possible chance of winning in a game of 21 were derived.


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