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21 Rules Multiplayer

The online casino offers an attractive and dynamic online multiplayer game of 21. If you are interested and want to try it, we will introduce you to the process of starting a game and the specific rules.

Log in to your online casino account and open the game to start playing.

The croupier determines the size of the pot.

The bet is made clockwise for each of the players at the table.

Players and the croupier receive two cards each. When it's your turn, you can change a card or leave your hand as it is.

The players and the croupier reveal their hands, the sum of the two cards counting as follows: 6 = 6, 7 = 7, 8 = 8, 9 = 9, 10 = 10, J = 2, Q = 3, K = 4, A = 11. If a player or croupier exceeds a total of 21, he loses the game unless the hand is from A + A, which is considered 21.


If the player has a higher hand than the croupier, he wins a certain amount of the pot according to his bet.

If the player has a smaller total than the croupier, his bet is added to the pot.

If the player and the croupier have the same total, the game is repeated until a winner is determined.

The croupier plays with each and every player on their turns.

If the croupier wins all hands, he receives the amount of the pot.

The cards are dealt to the next player clockwise and the rules are repeated.

The payout of the game winnings is made upon leaving the table, withholding 1% of the amount for the casino.

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