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Bet on dice Rules

One of the TV games is the dice game. It is, in essence, a tabletop and provides an excellent betting opportunity. The outcomes are numerous. It can be said that the dice game is actually unique.

It uses five dice, which are the same. The sides of each of them are numbered with points from one to six. The leader of the game puts these dice in a box. Then shuffles and throws them on the table. In very rare and special cases, it is necessary to repeat the roll of the dice, generally rolling only once. When all five dice make a clear combination and are on one of their sides, then the roll has taken place. To determine the result after each round, the number of points which have been established are combined after the dice have been thrown on the table. This combination is placed in a special area that is on the gaming table. The results are announced from left to right.

Bets are placed on the upcoming draw, and it is possible to bet on any available result. A second betting round does not take place. One round is about four minutes, and it takes place between draws. There is a new round every day every five minutes. Interruptions may occur due to maintenance if needed.

Cancellation of the draw can be done in case of technical malfunctions, as well as in case of errors made by the dealer.

Bets are placed by selecting the betting category and the result of the draw, and then entering the desired bet amount in the "Amount" field. After that you need to click on "Place a bet", and then the message "Successful bet" should appear. The calculation of the profit is done by multiplying the bet by the given coefficient.

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