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Bet on dice Rules

The TV game "BET on DICE" is extremely interesting and is very popular. It has easy to remember and simple rules.

First, the host of the game puts all dice in a box. Shuffles them and throws them on the table after that. All this is broadcasted live. The game is played with five (5) dice, with their sides numbered from one to six. All dice must be the same. Rare cases are possible in which it is necessary to repeat the throw. A roll is considered valid if the five dice make a clear combination and are on one of their sides in the place designated for a lucky combination. The result of the draw is the combination of points on the top of each dice after the dice have been rolled.

The winning combination is announced by the presenter and is done according to the rules. The combinations are determined from left to right.

There is only one betting round. It takes place between draws and lasts four minutes. Players can then bet on the upcoming draw, and placing bets is available on all types of markets. After the end of the betting round, the broadcast begins. Withdrawal is every five minutes, daily, with breaks only when necessary for maintenance.

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