Casino solitaire - real profits if all the cards are built in suit sequences

Casino solitaire

Casino solitaire

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Casino solitaire is a variation of the most popular solitaire - Klondike, the difference here is that you can bet money and win depending on how good you are.
The bet can be between 5.5 euro to 275 euro - depending on how many of the cards you manage to arrange above the aces in the upper right corner - the bigger the win will be. When arranging the entire solitaire, you win 5 times your initial bet. For example, if your bet is: 11 euro - for each card you have taken out of the game you will win 1 euro.

If you make a mistake, the casino solitaire gives you the opportunity to return to the previous move.

At the moment you have no more possible moves - you can stop the game and take your winnings


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