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In many of the popular online casinos, players can enjoy solitaire, which in addition to entertainment, can also play with real bets and winnings. One of these versions of the game is called Casino Patience (casino solitaire) - let's introduce you to its rules.

The aim of the game is the following - to arrange all the cards from one whole deck in four columns starting from ace (lowest card) to king (highest card) and alternate the colors - i.e. one black card, one red, then one black, and so on. The game is considered successfully completed when all 52 cards are sorted.

If the player has bet 55 euro at the beginning of the game, he receives 5 euro of profit for each card successfully sorted out at the top of the table.

Accordingly, at the beginning of the game the player chooses his bet. The minimum amount can be 5.50 euro and the maximum 275 euro.

After selecting the bet, the cards are dealt and are divided into seven piles - each pile from left to right has more cards. Only the last (final) card of each pile remains revealed - the others are face down. A new card is revealed after the previous one is arranged in its place in another pile. If the player can not make a move at a time, he can draw from the remaining cards in the deck, which is located in the upper left corner of the game table.

The player's moves end when he turns over all the cards left in the deck and can not make more moves. In this case, the game ends prematurely and the player collects the winnings from the cards sorted and arranged above. The profit itself is formed according to the bet. If the player manages to arrange all four columns of cards - then the game ends successfully and he receives the full win (remember that the win is formed on the basis of the initial bet and all the arranged cards).

Thus, if the player bet the minimum of 5.50 euros - his winnings for each card sorted and arranged above is 0.50 euros or in a successfully completed game - 26 euros. With a maximum bet of 275 euros, the winnings are 25 euros on a card sorted and arranged above, or 1,300 euros in a completely successful game.

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