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In almost every gambling game, the casino has a slight advantage over the players. However, it does not mean that with a good strategy, a player cannot leave the game room with a big profit, and this fully applies to the game of craps. Above all you should understand that it has a built-in mechanism, which gives a small advantage for the casino, but it is insignificant and does not affect the chance of winning for players. It is made so that in the long run the casino will accumulate some profit, not just lose.

The first and most important strategy when playing craps is to realize that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose money. Therefore, if you notice that you are stagnant at the craps table, but you are unlucky or your strategy does not work well - stop playing and return to the table another time.

Another strategy, like the first one - if you win, whether at the beginning or in the middle of your game - take it and leave the table. Try your luck again another time. This advice is again based on the long-term casino advantage. Even if you think you have won a lot and can afford to lose a little, it is better to take the full amount than to start losing and return some of the money to the casino.

A strategy, which is excellent for beginners, is to bet the minimum on the table and if you win, to double the next bet, i.e. your initial bet plus the winnings. So you have the chance to multiply your profits without risking much of your own money. You have another option, if you win with a minimum, your next bet will be really big, for example from three to ten times, and why not much more, if the table allows you and you want to enter the serious game

Тhe last proven strategy in playing craps is to bet on the six. When you sit at the table, bet 6 units of the currency you play with (for example 6 euros) and tell the croupier that you want to bet on the six. If 6 is rolled before 7 you win seven units (in the case - 7 euros).

Good luck trying out the strategies and remember that they do not guarantee you a win, but are a good starting point, especially if you are just entering the realm of gambling or just get acquainted with the game of craps.

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