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Craps is one of the proven gambling games over the decades with big cash prizes. In fact the player sets the level of difficulty and thus the profit, which allows both a game of pleasure and lower profits, as well as a difficult and dynamic game with opportunities to win very large amounts. In this way, the game becomes very fun and interesting, which is why it is preferred by most gamblers, whether it is played in a real casino or online.

The main goal in the game is the player to guess the correct outcome of the roll - this guarantees him a profit. A single play can be both very short or long depending on when the shooter rolls any seven before repeating the point number.

Most players bet on whether the dice will "Pass" line and/or the "Don't Pass" line. With these two options, the profit is 1:1, respectively with a bet of 100 euros, if you win you get your bet and another 100 euros profit or a total of 200 euros. Beginners also prefer to rely on these two options because they are easy. When betting that the dice will "Pass" a line with a come-out roll of 7 or 11, the player wins. A come-out roll of 2, 3 or 12 is called "craps" and anyone betting the Pass line loses. All other values ​​give a re-throw. Respectively, with a bet on Don't Pass line, the opposite is true - the result of the first roll 2 or 3 brings a profit, 7 or 11 is a loss, and a roll of 12 gives you the chance to a new roll.

In the same way, the profit is 1:1 when placing a wager on “come bet” and “don't come bet”, The things with winning and losing here are more or less the same as “Pass" line and/or the "Don't Pass" line. Of course, if you haven't played craps yet and have no idea of the rules, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

Field bets guarantee winnings of 1:1 respectively, if the result of the roll of the dice is 3,4,9,10 or 11 and a win of 2:1, if 2 or 12 are rolled. .Respectively, when throwing 5,6,7 or 8, the player loses.

When betting on Single-roll bets or Multi-roll bets, the player assumes that when rolling the dice the result will be 2, 3, 12 or 11 and respectively if he guesses correctly - The combine payout is 3:1 on 2, 3, 12 and 7:1 on 11 or with a bet of 100 euros will be won 700 euros from just one roll.

Horn (the combined bet), the player bets that the next roll of the dice will roll 2, 3, 11 or 12. If correct, the payout ratio is 3:1 for the 3 and 11 and 6:1 to 1 for the 2 and 12 Here is the chance for a really big profit.

Hard way bets, the player bets that a pair with a value of 4,6,8 or 10 (2 + 2, 3 + 3, 4 + 4 or 5 + 5 respectively) will fall. In order for this bet to win, the chosen number must be rolled the "hard way" (as doubles) before a 7. Also if any other non-double combination ("easy way") totaling that number is rolled the player lose.Respectively, with a result of 2 + 2 and 5 + 5, the gain is 7:1, and with a roll of 3 + 3 or 4 + 4, the gain is 9:1.

There are other types of bets in the game of craps, which bring different winnings, but here are the main ones - the lowest and the highest, respectively for people who prefer to play for fun and entertainment and those who really aim for high wins. and getting rich quick. And how much you will win in your next game of craps - depends entirely on your strategy and the value of the bets. But here the rule is - higher risk, higher profits.

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