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Every gambling game offers the opportunity to win money and poker, of course, is no exception. Its different varieties are characterized by different payouts.

The payout ratio on hand with A / K is 1 to 1, and the same is true for both a pair and two pairs. With three identical cards, 3:1. The straight pays 5:1 and the flush pays 9:1. The win in a full house is 14:1, in four identical ones it rises to 99:1, and in a straight flush - to 199:1. As with most types of poker, the highest possible hand is a royal flush (also called royal kenta), which earns you a large sum of money - in a ratio of 999:1.

In another version of the paytable, a combination of AK, pair or two pairs can have a ratio of 2:1; 4:1 is won from a set (three identical). The straight is 6:1 and the flush is 10:1. For a full house the ratio is 15:1, four of a kind - 100: 1. The straight flush pays off at 200:1, and the royal flush - at 1000:1.

The quickest and easiest way to win the hand (which is not up to you) is for the dealer not to qualify (this happens if there is no A-K combination). Then you get back your bet as well as the double ante bet. If the croupier qualifies, then the profit depends on who has a better hand - if it is you, then your profit is determined according to the above ratios.

If you play progressive cyberstud poker, you have the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot, which is formed by the mandatory additional bets collected by anyone playing cyberstud progressive. This jackpot is won by hand with a royal flush - in addition, a payout of 999:1 is paid out. You can get different amounts from other hands - in straight flush - 199:1; with four identical - 99:1; at full house - 14:1. Flush and straight pay at a ratio of 9:1 and 5:1, respectively. The set (three identical cards) wins you 3:1. The ratios for two pairs, pair or combination of AK are 1:1.


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