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Monte Carlo Rules Online game

Video slot machines are a more modern interpretation of the well-known slots from casinos and gaming halls. Unlike the original slots, however, the video slots do not have moving parts - on their screen you can see the reels, symbols, bet, paylines and more. Thus, in reality, the player does not play a real slot machine, but a kind of interactive video game with different types of bonuses, winnings, graphics and other factors that depend entirely on the developer.

Since there are no mechanical restrictions on video slot machines, the design of the games themselves can be different and allow for much more diverse gameplay - for example, up to five reels, more ways to win, various bonuses, wild symbols, etc.

Video slot developers usually do not calculate the chances of winning, although, for example, five-reel, 50-reel slots offer huge chances of winning. In such cases, they simply put the high-profit symbols once or twice on the reel, and the remaining symbols become more in number depending on how low is the profit that they are going to make for you.

Video slot machines typically allow players to play with multiple paylines instead of having only one in the middle. Winning lines can be in the middle, top, bottom, diagonally, zigzag and even back forward according to the specific slot game and its developer. The more lines you play with, the greater the chance of winning with each spin. But most lines also mean a bigger bet, because the bet is for one line, respectively multiplied by the number of lines.

In many video slot machines and games, developers add symbols, wilds, bonuses and even jackpots. Thus, in addition to the instant payout after the spin, the player has other goals - for example, to reach the bonuses, free spins, take a few wild symbols for big winnings and even play for the jackpot.

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