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Monte Carlo Rules Online game

When it comes to explaining the rules of slot games to someone who is obviously a beginner, any attempt to do so is usually met with a smile and a statement like it's just a game where you bet a certain amount and spin the reels and so on...

To some extent, this may be relevant for old slot games, for which basic rules apply, clear to everyone without the need to get acquainted with them in detail. But with the new slot games, things are a little different. Each game has its own individual structure for winnings, bonuses, minimum and maximum bets, number of paylines, return and more.

While the strategies in slot games are much simpler than those in blackjack or poker, if a player does not understand the basic rules and specific ones for a given slot game, he risks making stupid bets and losing his money with almost no chance for profit - simply because you do not play the game properly.

When playing a game, you need to know in which cases you win, such as blackjack requires a hand of 21 or lower, but not higher. In slot games, the idea is to have the same or a combination of symbols on one or more paylines. However, not all symbols bring the same winnings, so the rarer the symbol, the bigger the winnings.

In most online casinos, players can find two types of slot games - classic and video slots. Although the difference between the two types may be obvious, there are a few important things between them that need to be noted.

Classic slot games usually have three reels and most offer only one payline (middle one).

With video slots, however, things are different - there can be up to five reels and the winning lines can be dozens, and in some cases even hundreds. They also have bonuses, multipliers, skater symbols, wilds and more. But one of the most important things are the progressive jackpots, which you will not find in the classic slots.

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