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Video poker has been gaining popularity for a long time. It began to spread in casinos in the 20th century, more precisely - in the 80s. Numerous varieties can be found in different casinos. The basis of this game is the Five-card draw poker. First you receive five cards. Then you choose which ones to keep from them, when you receive the new cards - a hand is formed, and it is compared with the scoreboard, not with the hands of other players.

Jacks or better is the first video poker game created. It is played with 52 cards. The coefficients are determined in advance. Gradually increase - starting with a pair of jacks and reaching the royal flush. To win a hand, you must have a pair of jacks or higher cards.

Joker Poker is another variety. It is played with 53 cards - a normal deck of 52 cards, to which a joker is added. This complicates both the game and the odds, as more combinations are possible that are winning. For example, if you have four identical cards, along with one joker, this makes up a "five of a kind" hand. But there is also a difference between a royal flush with or without a joker. All these complications create a more difficult game and a more complex payout table. It usually takes at least a pair of kings to make a profit.

Of course, there are even more sophisticated versions of video poker. Sometimes a normal card can be chosen that can play the role of any other. In most cases, 2s are chosen for this purpose. In this type of game four cards can perform the function of a joker and create a huge number of winning combinations. In this case, because more winning combinations mean less winnings for the casino, the payouts are changed. So it usually takes at least a hand of "three of a kind" to win something.

In addition to the above, there are many varieties, some of which have much more complex rules, so carefully read the terms of the game before you start it.

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