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If you have decided to play video poker, you will need to get acquainted with the rules of the game, as well as take an interest in possible strategies so that you have a better chance of success. Now we will explain this strategy for beginners for the game Jacks or better.

With Jacks or better, one of the main things you need to know is which cards to keep in your hand. So, first, if you have five weak cards, the best option is to remove all five. If you are given four weak and one strong (above a jack, i.e. jack, queen, king or ace), keep only the strong one. In case you have two strong cards of different colors and the others are weak - remove the three weak ones. If you get a 10 and a high card, it is best to keep them - with more luck you can make a royal flush. If you are given a jack, a queen and a king of different colors, do not throw them away. In a straight flush, do not remove these cards, even if they are not high. A four-card straight is held. If you have two consecutive high cards of the same suit, hold them. In case you have a jack, queen, king and ace of different colors, discard the other card. Straights, four consecutive cards of one suit (for example, nine, ten, jack, queen), pairs (even if low - for example, two nines), four consecutive cards from ten upwards (even if they are of different suits), a flush of four cards, royal flush of three or four cards, high pair, two pairs, three identical cards, flush, straight, full house, four identical, straight flush and royal flush are retained.

If you play Deuces Wild, never discard the ‘wild’ card, and if you have any of the above combinations, keep it.

If you have a queen, jack and straight flush of three cards or queen, jack and ace, or king, queen and jack, in any case it is best to keep the queen and jack.

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