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Race the ace

Race the ace

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Race the ace Rules

Do you like gambling? And do you have a favorite one? If not, today we will tell you about an extremely interesting game, which is not complicated at all, and can bring you a good profit.

This game, Race the Ace, is literally a race. A big competition between the four different suits of cards - clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. The competitors in it are the four aces, and their speed is determined by the cards drawn from the deck. But let's not rush, let's explain everything from the beginning.

First, you need to decide which of the two possible bets you want to place - "Ante Post" or "With Form". In the first you will bet before the first seven cards are dealt, and in the second - after. So, after these first cards are dealt, after all bets have been placed, then it is time for the race to begin. The contestants are in their seats, the audience is ready… and the first card is turned. Depending on the suit, it is decided which ace will move forward - an ace spades on a card that is a spade, and so on. The winning ace is the first to cross the finish line, of course, and this happens after it has made eight moves forward. It happens after cards of his suit have been turned over eight times.

There will be no game if five cards or more are drawn of one suit, because that way it just doesn't have a chance to win.

Depending on what bet you place, your chance of winning varies from 50.71% to 97.26%. This game is suitable for everyone - for those who love card games, and for the ones who are passionate about competitions, also for people who want to try their luck, and just for all fans of gambling and winnings. It is not difficult to learn to play.

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