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When it comes to games of chance, there is often a skill factor. In other words, in gambling, you should not only rely on chance, but also take into account the available information, analyze it and draw conclusions that would improve your chances of success. Such conclusions, summarized in systems, have been developed by different people. The 3:2 system is the perfect example.

It takes into account the physical locations of the roulette wheel numbers, namely the fact that:

  • The numbers in the first (I) column are 12 in number - 6 red and 6 black
  • The numbers in the second (II) column are 12 in number - 4 red and 8 black
  • The numbers in the third (III) column are 12 in number - 8 red and 4 black

When playing roulette, if you bet on a color, your winnings are paid out at a ratio 1:1. The black and red numbers of the roulette are 18 each, i.e. they are the same number. Therefore, if you bet in red, it means that you are betting on 18 numbers. At the same time, you can bet on the numbers in the middle column, which means that in addition to betting on red, you also bet on 8 black numbers. If you make this choice, then you lose the bet only in case the ball falls to zero or to any of the other black numbers - in this case they are 10.

To play roulette on the 3:2 system, you have to bet 2 chips on the second column and 3 chips on red. If a black number from column II or a red number from column I or III falls, then your win 1 token. In case the ball lands on a red number from column II, it means that your winnings are 7 chips.

This system is easy to implement, while relatively increasing the probability of success, because 26 of the numbers are winning, while 11 are losing. And if you lose some of the bets, you can use a progression - increase your bet in the next round - and return what you lost. Of course, again, it's important to determine how much you can afford to lose - it's good to have a certain maximum payout limit and to finish the game after reaching that limit. This protects you from excessive losses in the event of a series of failures.

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