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When you play roulette in an online casino, you have many options as to which version to choose. Find out more about their advantages and disadvantages.

When playing online you have the opportunity to choose from several types of roulette:

1) European Roulette is the most played one in the world. In addition to thirty-six numbers, there is one zero in it. In this version, the casino has a 2.7% advantage.

2) American Roulette is another version in which in addition to zero "0" there is a double zero "00". This gives the casino an advantage of 5.26%. However, it is possible for the operator to compensate with better odds.

3) French Roulette - it is a version of European roulette, but with insurance options in case of zero "0". The insurance is called "La Partage" and means that if you bet on (red / black; even / odd; high / low) and the ball lands on the zero, half of your initial bet is refunded. This may seem like a small difference, but for many players it would be very important. In addition, it reduces the casino's advantage to 1.35%.

4) Roulette with two (or more) balls. These are relatively new varieties of online roulette in which the player's chance is increased by the fact that there is more than one ball. Naturally, for these varieties, the coefficients are also recalculated and reduced.

Each player must review and study the specific rules and conditions before playing. This is important if he wants to get the most out of the game and beat the roulette. It is possible that the casino itself has some rules and limits, which must be known in advance to avoid complicated situations.

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