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If you bet on the player's hand and have a better hand than the delaer, you win 1:1, as well as if you bet on a banker's hand and it is highest on the table. An 8:1 or 9:1 win can be acquired if you put your money on a draw and there are at least two hands of equal value on the table.

Additional bets can be found in the baccarat. Dragon bonus is found in the mini baccarat - then, if you win with 9, it is paid 30:1; at 8 - 10:1; in case of victory with 7 - 6:1; at 6 - 4:1; highest hand with a value of 5 - 2:1, and at "natural victory" and at one with 4 the ratio is 1:1. In some online casinos there is a Big and Small bonus, which is paid out at 3:2, if the hands of the banker and the player are equal to four (this is the small bonus), and if they are equal to 5 or 6 - the profit ratio is 0.54:1 (this is the big bonus). Bonus Pair is also found at online casinos - it pays 5:1 if the first cards of the banker and the player form a pair. Another bonus in internet baccarat is Perfect Pair - it is paid out at 25:1 if the first cards of the player and the banker form a suitable pair. In the English version of the game there is a Super 6 bonus, which is paid out at 12:1 if the banker wins with a hand value of 6.

Some casinos offer a baccarat jackpot, which is formed by special side bets. It is paid out according to the poker value of the first two cards dealt to the player and the banker. It is paid at a ratio of 2:1 for a pair of aces; at 4:1 for two pairs. In straight you win 5:1, and in flush - 10:1. For three identical - 15:1 for straight flush - 50:1. The ratio for four cards of one type is 75:1. And for a mini royal, a profit of 250:1 is paid.


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