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Baccarat is a card game in which you cannot influence the winnings or try to guess the hands, as it is played with 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards. You can only talk about betting strategy, as you can choose between betting on yourself (Player field), Banker (Banker field) or a draw (Draw field).

The chances of a banker winning a game with 6 decks are 0.46, the player has 0.45, and the chance of the game being equal is 0.095. In a game with 8 decks, the probability of the game being equal is 0.0951, and those for a player or banker to win are 0.446 and 0.458, respectively.

The casino has an advantage of 1.056% when betting for a banker (game with 6 decks); 1.24% for a player bet (game with 6 decks); 4.93% for a 9:1 draw (game with 6 decks) and 14.44% for an 8:1 draw (6 decks). When playing with 8 decks, the casino advantage is respectively 1.058% (for a banker bet); 1.23% (for a player bet); 4.84% (for a draw for a draw 9:1) and 14.36% (for a bet for a draw 8:1). This is with a banker's commission of 4% and equal pay at 8:1 or 9:1. With a commission of 5%, the only change is in the casino's advantage when betting on a banker. It is, respectively, 0.597% when playing with 6 decks and 0.599% when playing with 8 decks.

The best tips that can be given for playing baccarat are: since the casino has the least advantage when betting on a banker, bet on a banker, and try to look for games with the least number of decks and a commission. for a banker below 5%. If you plan to bet on a "draw", then participate in tables that pay out this bet not at 8:1, but at 9:1. Be careful, do not lose a lot of money and success!


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