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Place a chip with the corresponding value in the box on the right that corresponds to this side bet. The goal is to find the best three-card poker hand by combining your two cards and the dealer's face up. Again, winning on a hand depends on the hand.

Flush (three suited cards) - 5 to 1 payout. Example: 2 spades, 6 spades and 10 spades.

Straight (three consecutive cards) - pays 10 to 1. Example: 2 spades, 3 spades and 4 diamonds.

Three of a kind (three identical cards with different colors) - pays 30 to 1. Example: 10 hearts, 10 diamonds, 10 spades.

Straight flush (three consecutive suited cards) - pays 40 to 1. Example: 10 diamonds, Jack diamonds and King diamonds.

Trips (three identical cards) - pays 100 to 1. Example: three Queens hearts.

The minimum amounts for side bets and winnings are announced at the table where you play blackjack.


The advantage of the casino in side bets.

Practice shows that the advantage of the casino in games with side bets is usually greater than that of standard bets, which are optimized. Evolution has published this information in the rules of the game, which deserves respect.

For Perfect Pairs, the theoretical return on the player's bet is 95.90%, which means that the casino has a 4.1% advantage.

For 21 + 3 the theoretical return on the bet is 96.30%, which makes a 3.7% advantage for the casino.

In comparison, the casino's advantage in playing blackjack in Evolution is 0.486%, which is much less than in side bets.

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