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Founded in the 18th century, blackjack continues to be one of the most interesting casino table games to this day. Its prototype is believed to be a game called "twenty-one" and had similar rules. Similar game was described in the 17th century in France and Spain.

What are the basic rules of blackjack?

  • It is played with 4 or 6 decks;
  • The goal of each player is to beat the croupier's hand;
  • A hand as close as possible to 21 points must be collected without exceeding them;
  • In Blackjack, the ace carries 1 or 11 points (whichever is more advantageous for the player), the colored ones (jack, queen, king) carry 10 points each, and the rest - the corresponding number written on them;
  • As a rule, the best hand is blackjack: ace plus 10 points;
  • One card is dealt to the dealer and his opponents;
  • If the first one given to the croupier is an ace, it offers "insurance" to the players. It is half the stake of the main bet.
  • After the insurance, a second card is dealt;
  • If the dealer's first card is not an ace or a picture, and the player has blackjack, the second is paid the winnings;
  • If the croupier has an ace, he usually pays the bet in half. If there is a ten or a picture, this is not mandatory, but participants can request it;
  • If one of the players has two identical ones, he can make a split. This is a split of the cards in two, plus a double bet;
  • If a player has a sum between 9 and 11, he can also double his the bet, as it is assumed that it is very possible to have an ace, ten or picture in the third draw;
  • In Blackjack, the participant decides for themselves whether to pass or ask for a card;
  • If one of the participants has an ace, plus a ten or a picture (Blackjack), this makes 21, and the profit is paid in a ratio of 3 to 2. If the dealer has the same sum of points, the rules accept it as a draw and there is no profit or loss;
  • If the sum of the points after the third card received is higher than 21, the bet is reported as a loser and the dealer collects it;
  • If the croupier's amount exceeds 21, he pays the other participants.

How long does a blackjack game take?

Blackjack cannot be limited in time. The rules state that the deal continues until either the player or the croupier wins, and may end in a draw.

What else do we have to know about Blackjack?

Like any gambling entertaining game, the rules allow different types of strategies to be applied. It is important to hit the right moment to double the bet or pass. If the dealer's top card is 2 to 6, he is statistically more likely to lose. The higher the top, the more likely he is to have blackjack, and the more appropriate it is for his opponent to consider giving up half the money. If the player has blackjack and the dealer has an ace, he can consider an "equal money" insurance bet, where the winnings are one to one.

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