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If you're one of those players who wouldn't refuse to make a small side bet while playing live blackjack, you'll probably be glad that Evolution Gaming has released two side bet options to choose from.

Once you sit down at the blackjack table, you'll notice a few new things on the standard side of blackjack betting - these are the side betting options.

Side bet Perfect pairs on the left and side bet 21 + 3 on the right.

To place a side bet, you must first place your standard blackjack bet. Then you can bet on either side - left or right, or if you prefer both. They have a much lower minimum bet than the main game, such as a 5 pounds minimum side bet at 50 pounds minimum for the main blackjack game.


Perfect pairs

Place the chip with the corresponding value on the left side that corresponds to this side bet. If the first two cards you are dealt are a pair, you win. If they are not - you lose your bet. In addition, the amount you win varies according to the pair you fall for.

Mixed pair - paid 6 to 1. Example: 10 clubs and 10 hearts.

Pair of one color - pay 12 to 1. Example: 2 diamonds and 2 hearts.

Perfect pair - pays 25 to 1. Example: two aces of spades.

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