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There are few casino games where players can take a mathematical advantage over the casino if they use the correct counting method, and one of them is blackjack. This is why casinos have the right to ban someone from playing if they think they are experienced enough in card counting. In a moment we will discuss the initial steps in card counting and whether this skill can be applied effectively in blackjack if we play online with a live dealer.

There are many methods, which can be used to count cards. And while many think that counting cards means memorizing the cards that have been drawn from the deck and calculating the rest of the cards, this is not really the case.

Among the most discussed and applied methods is the Hi-Lo (High-Low) method. With it, one definitely does not need a photographic memory, but just an opportunity to pay attention and collect and subtract.

The method works as follows:

  1. To all cards in the deck are given a certain value or the numbers +1, -1 or 0. +1 are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. -1 are 10, J, Q, K, A. 0 are 7, 8 and 9 .
  2. While the cards are being drawn, you must add the specified value to the cards already drawn.
  3. For best results, use a basic blackjack strategy.
  4. You increase your bet if you have a high number at the end of the hand;
  5. You reduce the bet if you have a low number at the end of the hand.

This method is based on the fact that a deck with an abundance of high cards, combined with optimal play, increases the player's mathematical chances. The Hi-Low method is a way to calculate if there are a lot of high cards left in the deck so that you can bet on this calculation accordingly.

A good way to practice this card counting skill is to take a deck and deal cards, counting the values ​​as you deal them. If you have a sum of 0 at the end of the hand, then you have counted correctly. Then practice again, handing out faster and faster each time, and when handing out and counting becomes almost second nature, you're ready to try at a real casino.

Ordinary casinos do not allow players to count cards and will ban the player if they suspect that he is counting cards - and casinos are very good at detecting such players. But what about online casinos?

Online casinos use a random number generator, which draws a card from a full shuffled deck each time. This eliminates the possibility of counting the cards efficiently, because each time the the deck is full.

But if you play online against a live dealer, things change a little. In this case, the deck will not be automatically filled and shuffled in each turn. Will counting be effective in this case? In this type of game, the cards in the shuffle machine are shuffled at regular intervals or when there are a certain number of decks left. This means that players cannot judge well the cards remaining in the slot machine with the value they have counted, so they are not given the opportunity to understand how many high cards are left in the slot machine because the dealer never reaches the end . You will not be able to take advantage of the casino, no matter what card counting strategy you use.

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